Financial Report

Financial Years 2012 to 2015

The Financial Reports for Financial Year 2012, 2013 and 2014 were submitted by the last Ex-Co (2013). The carried forward balance reported to RoS by the out-going Ex-Co as of 30 June 2014 was S$6,415.64.

However, as part of due diligence, the past financial reports were reviewed by the new Ex-Co where incorrect data entry, accounting errors and missed out items warranted a review and rebuild of accounts from 2011.

The accounts by month and events was hence reconstructed from available transactional documents available for periods July 2011 to April 2015. From these, the re-constructed reports for Financial Year 2012, 2013 and 2014 was re-built.

The rebuilt 3 Financial Reports have been verified by our Hon Auditors, Mr Francis Paulus and Mr Francis Thompson, who have signed off these qualified financial reports. A standard operating procedure will be drawn up to ensure compliance with good accounting practices especially adherence to the use of authorisation and payment vouchers, cheques and filing of supporting receipts and other documentation.

The financial report for period July 2014 to June 2015 on this basis, has a carried forward balance as of 30 June 2015 is S$6,431.65, of which $40/- is cash in hand. Additionally, a balance of 39 round neck T-shirts was handed over.

This rebuilt Reports for Financial Year 2012 – 2014 and the prepared report 2015 has been reviewed and accepted by Ex-Co on 23rd Sept 2015; and these have been verified and signed off by our Hon Auditors, Mr Paulus and Mr Thompson.

The financial reports 2012-2015 have since been filed with RoS. Do note that the society has been granted an exemption from filing with IRAS.

Hon Treasurer
Ex-Co 2015/2016

Financial Statements Request

The financial statements are available to all in-force members upon request by filling in the online request form below.

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  • Reconstructed RoS submissions Reconstructed 2011-2014
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