Football Alumni

Football Alumni Sub-Committee

President Amos Boon
Vice President Boone Wong
Secretary Justin Madavan
Committee Members Suresh Latchmanan
Wayne Sandz
Captain Azlan Sidek
Vice Captains Quek Sze Boon
Dom Sim

Playing and Booking Arrangements

We gather to have a game in St Patrick’s on week-ends; all old boys are welcome … but do contact us first to make the necessary arrangements.

FYI, the school football field has been booked by our TPS Football Alumni / sub-committee’s into Jan 2016. Do contact Amos if you and your Patrician classmates would want to join for a game.

For booking of the football field under Society Rates, the coordination of this with the school is done via the TPS Football Alumni.

In memory of our late Alumni member, Felix Tie, who has dedicated his time and effort in creating and managing the website that was launched in 2015.