The Patrician Society exist to represent alumni interests and concerns to both the school and to the De La Salle Brothers.

We seek to make available to members the network of talent, knowledge and viewpoints of Patrician alumnus to build bridges amongst the School, the Brothers and the alumni; through our committees, activities and events.

Membership Types

Upon payment of the Entrance Fee of S$10/- and Subscription fees of S$100/-, former students and teachers of St Patrick’s School may be admitted by the Committee as Life members. They shall enjoy all the privileges of Ordinary members.
Shall be former students of the school, parents of current students, and current members of the Staff. All former students can now join the society immediately upon graduation but can only hold office upon turning 21. Ordinary members shall be entitled to vote and to hold office. Entrance Fee is S$10/-. Membership Fee is S$10/-, renewable yearly.
The Committee may elect the current principal and members of the teaching staff of the school as Honorary members. Those elected as Honorary Members shall be entitled to all privileges and benefits of membership except the right to vote and hold office.
The spouse of any Ordinary or Life members may be elected by the Committee to be an Associate member. He/she shall be entitled to all privileges of membership except the right to vote and hold office. Entrance Fee is S$10/-. Membership Fee is S$5/-, renewal able yearly.
All past and student of the school; and staff who have studied or served at least for twelve (12) months.

Inducted members in person or by proxy shall be included in the count for quorum purposes whether when calling for or holding an Extra-Ordinary General Meeting (EGM)/ Annual General Meeting (AGM). Inducted members do not have a right to vote except on specific non-controversial motions that the ExCo beforehand agrees or a two-third majority of ordinary and life-members present or by proxy agrees to, by a simple vote of hands. They cannot vote on amendments to the Constitution.

Have you just or in recent years graduated? Congratulations! Sign up for free Youth Membership which automatically lapses at age 21 years. You will have membership privileges except no voting rights, and some special offers/ discounts offered by our participating vendor partners may not be applicable because of age restrictions e.g. Alcohol

In memory of our late Alumni member, Felix Tie, who has dedicated his time and effort in creating and managing the website that was launched in 2015.