Members’ Benefits

BOOKINGS ARE TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED – Use of Facilities at St. Patrick’s School   

  • Booking & Use of Football field, Tennis, Badminton & Squash Courts (up to 9pm and subject to availability) at The Patrician Society Member Rates
  • Booking and Use of School Hall, Lecture Theatres and other facilities (after school hours, up to 9pm and subject to approval and availability)
  • Bookings to be done at General Office during working hours; please identify that you are a life or in force ordinary member as per membership lists to enjoy Society Member Rates
Facility Standard Rates Per Hour Members’ Rate Per Hour
Field (Synthetic) $110 $30
Hall $170 $85
Canteen $160 $80
Classroom $20 $10
Tennis Courts $20 $8
Squash Courts $20 $6
Badminton Courts $10 $5
Basketball Courts $40 $5
Lecture Theatre 1 $150 $80
Heritage Room $120 $50
Meeting Room $40 $20
School Premises $130 $65


  • Use of School Chapel, and Brother Quarters facilities at The Patrician Society member rates for retreats, meetings, seminars and other functions
  • Use of De La Salle facilities at The Patrician Society Member rates

When arranging with the Brothers do indicate TPS membership.

BOOKINGS ARE TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED – Benefits with The Patrician Society

  • Booking and Use of The Patrician Society Room at the Brothers Quarters for reunions and get-togethers
  • Use of PCs, Piano and Billiards Table in the room for recreational purposes
  • Use of Pavilion behind the Society’s room

Please note that a contribution or love offering to the Brothers is most appreciated for the use of the Society’s room.

In memory of our late Alumni member, Felix Tie, who has dedicated his time and effort in creating and managing the website that was launched in 2015.