Executive Council

Ex-CO 2019/2020

President Col(Ret) Rupert Gwee
Vice President Derek Scully
Secretary Matthew Koh
Treasurer Gerard Phillips
Members Ganesh Kalyanam
Dr John Tan
Dr Peter Thong
Dr Anthony Yee
Cpt Christopher Bek
Aloysius Yong
Peter Patrick Tan
Amos Boon
Peter Rodrigues
Vincent Xavier Low
Wong Yuen Siang
Kevin Toh

Ex-Officio Members

Spiritual Director Br Colin Wee F.S.C.
Legal Counsel Edmond Pereira
Honorary Auditors Matthew Kheng
Anthony Varghese
School Representatives Paul Leong (VP)
Irwan Wijaya Zainal
Adrian Lim

Our Leads

Derek Scully VP & Catholic Activities / School Liaison
In memory of our late Alumni member, Felix Tie, who has dedicated his time and effort in creating and managing the website that was launched in 2015.